Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question feel free to contact us HERE!

1. Is this the flea market held on the Southern Adventist University campus in Collegedale?

Answer: No it is not. This flea market is hosted by the Collegedale American Legion Post 257 and is held in the parking lot of the Collegedale Community Church. Find directions HERE.

2. What time does the market open to shoppers?

Answer: The flea market will be open to shoppers from 8am-4pm. Lot open to vendors for set up at 6am.

3. Do you provide tables/tents?

Answer: No we do not. Each vendor must provide their own display/space items.

4. What type of vendors are welcome at this flea market?

Answer: We have food vendors, business vendors, specialty vendors such as Pampered Chef, Handmade Soaps, & Photography (to name a few), & we have general vendors that sell yard sale type items. Any type of vendor is welcome.

5. What happens if a vendor forgets to print/bring their confirmation email on the day of the market?

Answer: The American Legion will have all the information available at the gate for those who forget their email including name and space number(s).

6. What happens if I send in my application and money but don't receive a confirmation email?

Answer: Please contact us at collegedalefleamarket@gmail.com or use the contact form HERE if it has been a week since you mailed in your information & money.

7. Do you have a contact phone number?

Answer: No we do not have a phone. You can contact us at collegedalefleamarket@gmail.com and someone will get back to you shortly.

8. Do you offer refunds?

Answer: We will offer refunds to our pre-paid vendors who need to cancel their reservations. Please email us the Friday before the event by 3pm and we will issue your refund.